"People hate to be sold

but they love to buy"

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Get more leads

Close more deals

Feel confident every

step of the way

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2-Time Best Selling Author

Sales Coach


Do you want more sales but don't know EXACTLY what to do or say? 

Do sales still feel like a guessing game that you haven't figured out? 

What if I told you, you could EASILY learn the game of sales. And you didn't have to use high pressure tactics to do so?



My names Trevor Geall after years of struggling in sales and investing over 100k of my own money in sales training programs from people like:

  • Grant Cardone

  • Jordan Belfort 

  • Dan Lok 

  • Bryan Tracey 

  • Zig Ziglar 

And many more...


I have found that when sales are done correctly, it is one of the most ethical and moral things you can do.


Through my years I have developed a step by step system to help make sales easy and something you look forward to doing.


I mean after all, if 7/10 calls paid you, you would want to do more sales calls!


When you start working with us 


 We teach and guide you through the step-by-step process and help you:


  1. Generate the right leads at no cost 

  2. Ask the right questions that actually make your client want to buy from you

  3. Make your clients think "this is what I have been looking for"

  4. Create a 'No brainer' offer

  5. Give you all the tools, tricks and shortcuts to be successful going forward.  


Joel Mandelbaum, Marketing Strategist 

If I could say one thing to someone who was thinking about working with Trevor it would be to stop, stop thinking and start. He will make sure you are successful you just need to take the first step. 


Jake Hollands, CEO

I've worked with Trevor on multiple projects and I am constantly blown away by the level of knowledge and action he takes.

JRG Profile Pic.jpg

JR Genua, Financial Advisor

 I have the experience of working with Trevor to publish my book and have known Trevor for several years now. I can tell you there are not too many people out there that rival his business knowledge and expertise 


After working with Trevor Jason closed over $8,000 in a single day!


You can give up on your dreams and all the benefits learning to master sales, and continue what you are doing, but let's be frank you wouldn't read up to this point if you wanted that. You're here because you deserve a better career than what you have now. 


You can study on your own for free, however, it is very tough, time-consuming and may take several book launches to get it right. Or you apply now, and stay ahead of the competition through our step-by-step that will help you get paid what you are worth. 


As you can imagine we get dozens of applications a day. In order for you to have your FREE strategy call you must complete the application below.