Meet The Team

Trevor Geall


Trevor is a 2-time bestselling author and founder of Become The Authority. 

Harvey Garebagi 


Harvey was brought on to the team back in 2016 to help with growth and success of Become The Authority


Ron McCormack

(Head Writer)


With over 20 years of writing and business experience, Ron brings a high level of experience and professionalism to our writing department. 


Robert (Bob) Davis 

(Exec Editor and Writer)

Bob been in the editing and writing space his entire career. Editing books like the E-Myth Which sold over 12 million copies. Bob's work is top class


Jackie Brown 

(Exec Writer)

Jackie is one of the kindest and honest writers you will meet. Working on multi-million dollar projects and managing a team, Jackie become a huge asset to our team. 


Andre To-de

(Account Manager)

Andre brings a  high level of excitement and honesty to our business.  


Ezra Bly 

(Account Manager)

Ezra brings a awesome level of energy to our team. he is dedicated to helping his clients find the best possible book for them.


Aicha Mouissat 

(Account Manager)

Aicha is kind and caring about her clients. Her goal is to make sure her clients are properly taken care of and receive the best possible service.


Aaron Yu

(Account Manager)

Aaron Yu heads up our Australian team. As we launch and grow Aaron is consistently traveling between Toronto and Australia. 


Zanyar Baez 

(Account Manager)

Zanyar is as dedicated as they come. When it comes to improving yourself Zanyar takes action daily to make sure he and his clients are best taken care of. 

Liz Vogel 

(Customer Care)

Liz is the person behind the scene that keeps everything moving forward. Without here We would be lost.