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Joel Mandelbaum, Marketing Strategist 

instead of spending 50-60 hours writing my own book I used Trevor and his writers and got the book done and to Bestseller in a matter 2-3 hours of work on my end- I completely recommend him

Jake Hollands, CEO

Hand the opportunity to be paid to speak because a Canadian based company found his book on Amazon 

JR Genua, Financial Advisor

 I have the experience of working with Trevor to publish my book and have known Trevor for several years now. I can tell you there are not too many people out there that rival his business knowledge and expertise 


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You can give up on your dreams and all the benefits of being a best selling author, and continue what you are doing, but let's be frank you wouldn't read up to this point if you wanted that. You're here because you deserve a better career than what you have now. 


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